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This wiki is made for the Players that wanna know more Information about the game SwordBurst ll!

The wiki will go over information about Weapons, Armor, Mobs and each Floor there is. Hope you stay tuned and if this wiki helps you please Make sure to share it!

If you have Information you wanna share about the game For example if you wanna post a Method on making a ton of Vel please Contact me or make a Page!


Best method of Leveling up!

If you're a low level and looking of a good way to Level up I suggest you start Farming "Hermit Crabs" as these are weak and Give a fair amount of Vel(Money) and EXP.

If you know any good Methods on Leveling up and Getting Vel make sure to get in contact with us!

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LordShiro (Owner) -

AbstractJames (Co-Owner) -

SteveGHshadow (Mod/Helper) -

What is SwordBurst ll?

Swordburst 2 is a Roblox game created by AbstractAlex. He made this game based off an anime called Sword Art Online. This is a Second version of the game he made.
Game link:!/about
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Latest Activity

Hermit Crab

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